What We Do

We offer workshops, group facilitation, seminars, trainings, keynotes, program and curriculum development services, coaching, retreat planning and facilitation. Through our partnering with you to develop high content, dynamic programs and events, we work to keep your target audience engaged to ensure that your objectives are met.

Some of the organizations that we have conducted training seminars for and, or consulted with include: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (Office of Population Affairs), NYC Administration for Children’s Services, Columbia University (Human Resources Department), Good Shepherd Human Services, Arbor Inc. Job Training and Development, Big Brothers and Sisters of New York, Cardinal Mccloskey Social Services, Covenant House of New York, Visiting Nurses Association, The Day Care Council Of New York, The New York Foundling (Preventive Services).The Puerto Rican Family Institute, Huemanbookstore, and William Patterson College, and Edwin Gould Family Services and many more!

We also offer individual counseling and consulting on issues related to dating, relationships and marriage and two books by our founder S.S. NEELY-Avoiding The Dating Games-How To Spot A Potential Relationship and You Belong To Me (Poems From My Heart).

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