Listing of Workshop/Presentations/Trainings


Below are listings of the various workshops we offer for more details about the listings please call us at (347) 766-4191 and/or email us at


Social/Human Services Themed Workshops

#1 Beyond the myths “Working with troubled adolescents”

#2 Preventive vs. Protective- Building more functional and effective systems of communication between agencies to better coordinate services for families in need and at risk

# 4 Cultural images and children

#5 Who’s helping you? –Alternative ways for empowering yourself while strengthening your human and social service skills in coping with the stressors of others

# 6 Should you stay or should you go? Intro to- (or out of) Social and Human services 101-(Purpose or Paycheck?)

# 7 Social work or Social Control

# 8 A Real Man-Working toward developing a healthy and positive masculinity

# 9 ‘Healing in the hood’- Helping our clients overcome the environmental hazards in their community

#10 Anger and the African-American male

#12 The Love we seek-Developing intra/interpersonal relationships

#21- Meeting our clients needs -Another Way (Making Protective/Preventive Services and Family Support Programs more comprehensive, relevant and effective)

#24-Cultural Diversity and Social Work

#26- Soulful Social Work- (Connecting/Reconnecting our clients through Spirituality and Culture)

#28- Safe, Sound, Sane and Secure (Domestic Violence and Culture)

#30-Getting an attitude (A positive, productive and peaceful one at work and in life)

#39- Beyond Paranoia –Mental Health in the African-American and other communities of color

#40- Single Mom- 101

#44-Protecting our children (Strategies for combating child abuse in all forms)

#45-Before W.E.P. – Making the system work for you!

#46-From Work to Welfare

#48-Not in OUR home! (From the ‘hood’ back to community- cleaner safer and livable)

#49- Homosexuality in communities of Color- (Beyond fear and myth to breaking barriers and improving services)

#50- Before the first blow (Ways to prevent Domestic Violence)

Youth Development themed workshops

#3 ‘Keeping it real’- A Brave New world -Expanding adolescents options

#17- A Whole New Life (From the Streets to Success)

#18- How to get a BMW (Black Man Working) Our future/ Our way

#19- Pro- Choice (Before Sex)

#25- Beyond the box-Moving our boys

#29-Game Recognizing Game (Empowering females to make better choices when dating)

#32-Raising Boys into Men (Even Without a man around)

#33- Style and Etiquette (Beyond Trends)

#35- He Say/She Say (Loving yourself and moving beyond gossip and what others say/think)

# 36 Hip-Hop and Beyond- Cultural images and children

Education themed workshop proposals

#16- How to make your child/student an S.T.A.R.! (SOCIALLY TOGETHER ACADEMICALLY READY) that is!

#23- Setting the Tone-I (Toward Academic Excellence and Social development Parents, Teachers and Students -The most powerful alliance)

#27- Education-(It’s a Black and Brown Thing—too!)

#34- Setting the Tone-Intro to Teaching

#37- Bullying 101- Nipping it in the Bud

#38- Reaching and Teaching through the arts

#41-Social/Human Services and Educators (Filling the gaps and reconnecting our kids)

#42-Improving Literacy in communities of color

#43-All things Special about Education (Examining the system of placing children and finding  more inclusive ways to educate all of our children)

#47-A Terrible thing to waste (Is College for you?)

Dating and Interpersonal Relationship themed workshops

#11 Mercury and Pluto-Understanding recognizing and developing more effective communication tools between males and females


#31-Back into the swing of things Divorced and/or Dating with Kids

#14 Black and Brown relationships in the new millennium

#13 Surviving Love-Dating in the New Millennium


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