Occupy My Story-Year Four

Occupy/My Story – Year Four

A personal account of life and Activism in New York City


New York City, NY- Occupy My Story- is a Poignant, Political but ultimately Personal account lecture and speaker series featuring Sumumba Sobukwe who is the founder and co-creator of Occu-Evolve, which is currently the longest running and last organized and active groups within the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Among the earliest and longest serving members of Occupy Wall Street (OWS), Sobukwe co-created Occu-Evolve by channeling the efforts of various members of OWS’s Outreach, Movement Building, Vision and Goals, Money Out Of Politics, Political and Electoral Reform, OWS Immigrants, People Of Color Caucus and former Community based Occupy assemblies.

Sobukwe currently coordinates campaigns between Occu-Evolve, the Occupy Movement, Black Lives Matter Movement, Citizens Action, NY Metro Postal Union and the Laundry Workers Center. Among these campaigns are the issues of raising the minimum wage, the end of wage theft, publicly financed elections, workers’ rights, affordable housing, a fair tax on wall street, health care and environmental safety for all. He is also on the Steering Committee of the May First Coalition in New York City.

In addition to his activist and organizing resume, Sobukwe is also an experienced social worker, seminar leader, consultant and author of Avoiding The Dating Games-How To Spot A Potential Relationship Volume 1, Echoes from the Colony, and You Belong to Me-Poems From My Heart. In addition he is the founder and president of THE MAAT SERIES, a New York-based consulting service that offers over 70 personal and professional development seminars and workshops to educators, social and human service professionals, individuals and groups. He has written articles for several newspapers and appeared on radio and television programs across the city country.

Questions about Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy Movement addressed by Sobukwe include:

Whar led to the creation of Occupy Wall Street?
Why did the Movement occupy public space?
What are the goals of Occupy Wall Street?
What really happened to the Occupation and Movement?
What has the Occupy Movement accomplished?
What are the Occupy Movement’s current and future plans?
What led Sobukwe to join the Occupy Movement?
What (if any) is the connection between the Black Lives Matter Movement and Occupy?
What is the future and impact of Occupy Wall Street?

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