About the Company:

The MAAT SERIES LLC is a human and social relations consulting company based in New York City that offers professional, collaborative, and personal development programs designed to assist both individuals and organizations to solidify, build upon their potential, power and productivity. Our consulting services give our clients the tools, strategies and information needed to become active and important agents of their own change in improving their personal and professional lives and workplace productivity.

Our Values:
Success through evolution and growth for individuals and organizations
We believe that ‘priority plus commitment dictate possibilities’ and this is at the root of our operations. We believe that human beings have limitless power and potential and through our balanced, consistent, holistic and high content presentations, which are always informed, relevant, applicable, and empowering, we seek to bring out this power and potential. This belief drives and inspires and guides us in all we say and do.

Purpose, Clarity, Initiative and Creativity
At THE MAAT SERIES, we promote, purpose, clarity, initiative and creativity. Through our workshops, trainings, groups, consulting services, website and products, we work to assist our clients in becoming active agents of their own change in improving their personal lives, professional lives and workplace clarity and hence productivity.

Community and Universal Values
At the core of our values-system is MAAT which is based on one of the world’s greatest civilizations (Egypt). ‘MAAT’ which literally translates to truth, consists of seven principles which are: truth, justice, order, balance, harmony, reciprocity and propriety.

Our mission is to create the infrastructure to meet the holistic needs of organizations and individuals through professional preparation and development related activities.

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