S.S. “SUMUMBA SOBUKWE” NEELY, BSW, is an Experienced organizer, social worker, seminar leader, consultant and author. He is the founder and creator of THE MAAT SERIES, a consulting and educational organization that specializes in personal and professional development workshops, trainings, consultations and facilitation. He has creator over 70 workkshops and trainings and has delivered his services to thousands across the city and in several states.

Sumumba Sobukwe is also the co-creator of Occu-Evolve, which is currently among the longest running and most active groups within the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Among the earliest and longest serving members of Occupy Wall Street (OWS), Sobukwe co-created Occu-Evolve by channeling the efforts of various members of OWS’s Outreach, Movement Building, Vision and Goals, Money Out Of Politics, Political and Electoral Reform, OWS Immigrants, People Of Color Caucus and former Community based Occupy assemblies.

Occu-Evolve was established to fulfill many of the original goals of Occupy Wall Street, which began as a movement that would bring attention to the issues and fight for social and economic justice against the so-called “too big to fail” banks which along with other 1% corporations control the political process and decision making in America.

OWS, after initial success, which included a physical encampment and occupation in the heart of the Wall Street financial district, slowly began to stagger and eventually lost its encampment. Direct attacks from local, state and national governmental forces, the lack of central and clear goals and refusal to adopt demands and centralize strategies that were inclusive of the people played a large role in the further alienating OWS from the people.

However, in the midst of all of these events, Sobukwe continued organizing with ___ the Occupy Working Groups in NYC from mid-October 2011 up until the December 6, 2011 action, which was a re-occupation attempt at Duarte Square.

From that time on he and others began, attending and contributing to, most of the efforts to keep the community based Occupy Working Groups informed and connected to the Occupy Movement.

These culminated on February 24, 2012 where he and others began discussions on how to help Occupy Wall Street connect with all community based Occupy Assemblies and outside (affinity) movements and groups across the city which eventually led to the creation of Occu-Evolve.

Occu-Evolve helped organize May Day rallies, Black Friday Actions in support of Walmart Workers, Occupy Sandy Walks and Outreach, and has been involved rallies, marches and actions against the Stop and Frisk Policies of NYPD as well as police brutality. Occu-Evolve has continued to have open assemblies and has organized against Citizens United(The Landmark Ruling in Favor of Corporations being given the same rights as people to influence political campaigns and decisions.

The group has also been involved in the victorious campaigns for workers rights at Hot and Crusty Bakery and Golden Farm Produce Market.

From the fall of 2012 and through winter of 2014 along with the People’s Power Assemblies has organized several actions in support of fast food workers throughout New York City It is currently organizing actions in support of Liberato Workers who are fighting for worker rights and to be paid at least the minimum wage. It has also organized at least a dozen actions for The Black Lives Matter Movement.

Occu-Evolve has also planned and facilitated ‘S17’ (September 17) the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street since 2013 and several other protests with various groups including The May 1rst Coalition and The PPA. Sobukwe is presently organization for the 4 year anniversary of OWS and writing a book entitled OCCUPY-MY STORY.

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